Learning through pilots

Recently, at NixonMcInnes, I’ve been working with a government department to further sustain engagement around a campaign.

Their mission is an important one – essentially it’s to support SMEs and encourage the growth of business in the UK.

7991125444_aff63b8b2f_b (1)(Image by 55Laney69)

We’ve been helping them do this by working with the team to collaborate with external stakeholders online. By building a network of influencers, we were then able to tap into new audiences who were highly relevant to the campaign. 

After initial research, we tested out how a partnership with these influencers would work, using a pilot. As a result, we collected some solid evidence of how the approach encourages long-term engagement around the campaign.

But this learning through piloting proved more powerful than that.

It was this pilot which helped the organisation realise that new digital tools and skills are critical to the future of the business. In turn, this prompted discussions around the need to change the internal culture in order to do more of this.

This, for me, is the most exciting part of my job – helping organisations, like this one, to become more agile to adapt to the new challenges of the changing world.

The Internet is one of the biggest developments in recent times but digital disruption doesn’t have to be a blocker – there really are some great opportunities that come with it. It’s simply a web of information ready to be tapped into.

I’m really looking forward to see what happens next…


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