The blurry line & evolving habits

There’s a blurry line evolving in my day-to-day life. And it’s getting bigger.


Technology means that everything is becoming connected.

This has many benefits of course..

– It means we get to do things like work from home and, therefore, less office space is needed.

– It means we can access information wherever we need it, whenever we need it. This means that knowledge is becoming less top- heavy and more evenly distributed between all the classes and demographics in society.

– It means we can communicate with anyone anywhere at anytime. This means that the whole world is essentially the new ‘local’.

Essentially it means that there is less room for structure in every day life. I’ve noticed this in my personal behaviour:

  • I write blog posts in the bath.
  • I tweet about them on the bus.
  • I send emails from the gym changing room.
  • I arrange my weekend from my office desk.
  • I finish proposals over breakfast.
  • I check my emails when I get into bed.

Workplaces are reflecting this with the importance of growing trends such as flexi-time and ‘bring your own device to work’. Personally, my life – which once was divided into very distinct areas – is now a blurred mist of interconnected ‘things’.

In direct correlation with this, I’ve noticed my behaviour changing on Facebook. Initially a place for organising nights out with friends and tagging drunk photos at university – I’m now connected with family, my grandma(!), my parents, colleagues and even clients.

So, when is it OK to switch off?


Since writing this, I’ve come across this post by Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, Danah Boyd, who has communicated my thoughts on this much better than I have. Well worth a read.

(Updated 07/05/2013)


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