Personalised Experiences Part 2: How to Leverage The Opportunities.

When people ask me what I do as ‘PCE Manager’, I say I’m like a personal trainer. A personal trainer knows their customers and their customer’s needs, and they create a program tailored to suit those. A company creating personalised experiences will do exactly that, but on a larger scale.

Very few companies in FMCG are doing PCE.

Although we’re not yet seeing many FMCG companies doing this, we can look to travel, credit card and internet companies to see how, when done well, PCE can increase engagement, conversion and ultimately sales.

This means we have an unprecedented opportunity.

Let’s quickly recap what I think the opportunities of doing this are –

The opportunity is to build an unshakeable understanding of a company’s most valuable audience. It’s about understanding when they are most receptive, and developing content that is relevant and present when the customer is most resonant (right place, right message, right time). The opportunity is to provide what feels like a personal brand experience at scale.

Personalisation and mass customisation is the future way of marketing brands.

pic 4

So how do you do this?

Personalisation at scale requires businesses to:

  1. Agree what data is most relevant
  2. Understand the regulation to capture data compliantly
  3. Capture the relevant data to design for personalised experiences
  4. Map the customer needs within the customer journey
  5. Understand the data signals for each part in the customer journey
  6. Create and align content and experiences that meet those needs
  7. Get the right technology in place to deliver personalised experiences in an automated way at scale.

Each of these points will become a standalone blog post in this series on ‘Personalised Experiences’.


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